Building progressive serverless mobile apps with React Native.

Redefining what single mobile developer can do in startups.

Stefan Majiros | Serverless and React Native Freelancer

Can one freelancer be a real competitor to digital agencies ? Or is it just another marketing trick ?
As a mobile developer coming from web and backend development, I have very unique skillset that helps me deliver complex mobile-centric solutions for various clients. I like to work with startups, in order to help them save their money and get their idea to market faster through rapid development of a MVP (starting from scratch / "greenfield project"). I am highly specialized on crossplatform technology (React Native) and serverless cloud computing (Firebase & AWS Amplify) so the development process itself is faster and overall costs (for dev & production) are lower.

I am currently based in Barcelona (CET) and open to remote projects with duration between from 3 to 6 months where I will work either solo, or together with your team.

Beside the development work, I am also willing to offer corporate trainings where I will teach your in-house developers how to properly use serverless and React Native.

Domains in which I worked

biometrics, digital identity, blockchain, retail

Business values

ethics, transparency, feedback, honesty, trust, reliability, continuous updates, goal oriented cooperation, clean UX, startup drive

  Software Development

Serverless Backend Development

Native & Crossplatform Mobile Development

CI Setup & Stores Submission

Solution Architecture

Integration To Legacy Systems

  UX / UI*

UX & UI Research

App Design & Redesign

Clickable Prototyping (Protopie)

*Remember, I am mostly developer and not first-class designer - that is why I am offerring significant discounts for UX / UI services. As you can see in the examples of my previous work, I am able to deliver optimized UX and UI, but if you need something very, very design oriented, maybe I am not great fit for you. I have no problems with hiring external designer, but doing this would add additional complexity and costs for your project.


React Native Training

Serverless Training

* for companies & individual developers



Mobile Development

In general, my hourly rates are in range from 40 - 65 EUR per hour. The overall cost depends on your requirements. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE

What you will get from me
World-class, cloud powered & serverless mobile app. Faster and cheaper.

  Unlimited Cloud Power

I am heavily using Amplify and Firebase to make your app resilient and poweful.

  3rd Party Libraries

Do you need to integrate third-party libraries in React Native? No problem for me.

  Audio & Video Calls

Do you want to support audio / video calling besides classic chat ?

  Audio & Video Streaming

More into multimedia ? We can build video-streaming app. Together.


Need to integrate face-recognition into mobile device ?

  Bluetooth & NFC

Or do you need to add NFC tag reading or connect to Blueetooth devices ?

Interested in working together ? Just tell me what you need or how I can help you.




I live in GMT+2 Zone (CET), but I really like working in non-standard hours, so I more than gladl to accept clients from e.g. US and UK.

On-site work

In a very few (and rare) situations I am open to go on-site. But, in general, I work remotely.

Payment options

I provide rough price estimations for the projects, but the actual billing is always based on per-hour basis with new clients. To start working at your project, small payment from your side is neccesary (via Stripe / Paypal) - all backed by legal contract.

QA / Security Testing as Pluggable Services

If you are interested in enhancing delivery process with e.g. security testing or quality assurance steps, I am of course open to involve these steps into delivery process.

Support Models

I offer only limited support after delivery (4 working days), to solve issues that could not foreseen. Because I cannot guarantee my availability, I offer training for people responsible for support, as the part of app delivery.

Not offered services

I am not interested in work in these areas: Marketing, Ads management, SEO services, Backend-only development as I focus at crossplatform mobile development, serverless cloud and mobile-centric solutions.