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We Build 100% Custom iOS & Android Mobile Apps with React Native and serverless

As small mobile app development company, we work with both: small startups or big enterprises - mainly in US, DE, and UK to which we provide services starting from UI / UX design, through mobile app MVP development using React Native and serverless to building & shipping tested production mobile app in the stores (Google Play or Appstore). All that with several guarantees: you will not pay cent more that we agreed and any bugs will be fixed at no additional costs by 3 months guarantee) and even if you still would not be OK with our work, you will get a refund.

PDF contains a summary of our projects, details about offered services, and how we can help you.
As mobile app development company, we completely cover delivery process to create 100% custom mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Custom Mobile App Development Services | Android And iOS

🔥 Platform Native & Cross platform Mobile Development with React Native

Mobile MVP Development with React Native

🔥 Enterprise App Development with React Native

Mobile App Migration to React Native (for Existing Mobile Apps)

Mobile CI Setup & Store Submission (under your own account)

🔥 Mobile Serverless Development (AWS Amplify, Firebase, Serverless framework)

Mobile App Architecture Solution

Mobile App Integration To Legacy Systems


Mobile App Design & Handcrafting UX / UI

Mobile UX & UI Research

Mobile Market Research

Mobile App Design & Redesign

UI Mobile Prototyping

  Training, Teaching, or Mentoring*

🔥 React Native Training

Serverless Training (AWS Amplify, Firebase)

* for companies & individual developers who want to learn React Native and serverless - see 'Hiring Me' page

  IT Consulting

React Native / Mobile App Development IT Consulting

Serverless (AWS Amplify, Firebase) IT Consulting

👇 Work Style and Delivery Process


Introductory Video Call

All you need to do after receiving a free estimate from us is to schedule a call with founder where we will discuss more expectations and requests from your side. We will explain to you what my proposal for successful delivery would look like.

Because each client is unique, we will customize the delivery plan to suit your needs.

Signing Contract

In short, we will prepare a place for signing an official contract based on a proper specification document that describes the features of your app.



After signing the contract, our work typically starts with market and UI research, and normally it takes up to 3 weeks to complete.

UX / UI Wireframing

Market research and UI / UX development is provided with one aim = to deliver design that will make your app stand out.

You will get options to customize it as you wish - and when you agree that the mobile design is OK, we will continue to the next phase.

If you already have design files, we could completely skip this step.


Implementation Of Custom Design System

After agreeing on the design, we will start working together with implementing a custom design system.

By doing so, it will be easier to achieve UI consistency, add new features and maintain your mobile app later in the future.

Development Planning

Then we will start writing code. We will begin with implementing a skeleton of the app, (e.g. like screen navigation with components from the previous step).

We will also plan milestones of your app delivery - what features should be shipped when.


Incremental Delivery - You Prioritize When Features Will Be Shipped

Thanks to enterprise-level continuous delivery, you will get a chance to see the increments right after they are developed on your own phone.

After several weeks of development, the production version of your app will be ready for your users through the public or private stores, so your business could grow as you would expect.

In the final phase of the project, we will close our cooperation by acceptance testing and training professionals for the future maintenance of your app.

Working with us means your app will be build on budget, on time and with cost guarantee. Start With Getting 100% Free Mobile App Cost Estimate In < 48 hours.

FREE APP DEVELOPMENT COST ESTIMATE It's should not take you up more than few minutes. Or Book Paid Introductory Video Call With Founder
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