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Stefan Majiros - About Us & Who We Are

stefan-majiros.com was born in September 2020 as mobile freelancer studio that later evolved into mobile development agency, in order to develop & deliver mobile-centric solutions for startups or enterprises. We build mobile MVPs and custom mobile apps using React Native and serverless for clients mainly in US (East Coast preferably), and UK. We cover whole mobile app delivery process: UI / UX market research and design, MVP (minimal viable product) development with AWS/ Firebase and React Native, testing and submitting apps into stores.

Serverless and React Native expertise gave us a few competive advantages such as reduced maintance costs & more rapid mobile development. However - we are not competing only on price: we will understand the end goal of your idea, understand your vision and then make it a reality - we simply deliver what we promise. All that with several guarantees: you will not pay cent more that we agreed, any bugs will be fixed at no additional costs by 3 months guarantee) and even if you still would not be OK with our work, you will get a refund.

Now, read about Stefan (founder) below

1. Former Java Developer

Like many, I’ve also started my career as Java Developer. I was quite lucky, to get my first job in a team that used micro-services, Spring Boot, Camel, CQRS architecture, BPMN, Jenkins pipelines, Rabbit messaging, and AWS. Besides helping to write those microservices, I have implemented a few BPMN flows in Flowable, and wrote Spring Boot microservice to wrap interactions with LDAP (think of Active Directory, but vendor-agnostic).

Stefan Majiros: the founder of stefan-majiros.com - Custom Mobile Development Agency

Business Values

ethics, transparency, feedback, honesty, trust, reliability, goal-oriented cooperation, clean UX, startup drive, growth mindset, caring about users, earning respect instead of demanding it, learning every day from others, not liking workarounds

Domains In Which I Worked

biometrics, digital identity, blockchain, retail

2. Transitioning To Web Dev

After some time, I got the opportunity to work on a few in-house web applications with Typescript and React (consider them to be dashboards for managing outcomes of biometric verification). I am proud of shipping another new web app on my own (that used polling to display QR codes used for data exchange in blockchain project), and the integration of OpenID into another web app (with Keycloak used as the provider). I was working as a full-stack developer with React and Spring. Later, I left the company due to the compensation.

Working With Blockchain & Specializing in React Native

After taking a small break that I spent traveling across Europe (Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Spain) for few weeks, I invested in buying my first Mac (well it's quite a time now), learned React Native, read several developer books about it, and built a mobile app for my university (see more details into Projects page). I also got rehired in the same company with significantly higher compensation.

Working in a team of 2-5 mobile developers with a flat management model, we integrated biometric and blockchain libraries (we wrote a lot of native code in Java and Objective C), barcode QR code scanning, wrote Appium E2E tests, managed CI pipelines, set up push notifications, spent time modeling Redux Stores on the blackboards, wrote and tested business logic with Redux-Saga, handled deployments to the stores, etc. I got a chance to work both on MVPs and the apps that were pushed to real-world production.

Going Solo | Freelancing Globally | Running Freelance Agency

In the second half of 2020, I decided to go solo and founded stefan-majiros.com. The main goal of stefan-majiros.com is to create enterprise-grade, maintainable, and cloud-based serverless mobile applications that help startups or business achieve their goals. We specialize in the development of mobile apps using React Native and serverless cloud (AWS Amplify and Firebase).

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