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With over 4 years of experience creating progressive mobile apps in an international company and running my own mobile development agency in the making, I’m able to build and help you launch a custom mobile app with React Native and serverless that perfectly suits your needs, ensuring that it will engage your users while making your business grow. I also provide consulting and mentoring: if you are interested in these options, just select them accordingly.

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FAQs - App Development, Hiring


I live in GMT+2 Zone (CET), but as I often prefer to work in non-standard hours, I am happy to accept clients from the US and UK, so the client syncing is provided at classic business hours (9-5) in the client time-zone.

On-site Work

When working with clients, I prefer to have a single point of contact. In very few (and very rare) situations I am open to spent some time on-site on client expenses, as I am far more productive when working remotely.

Payment Options

I provide rough price estimations for the projects, but the actual billing is always based on an hourly basis with new clients. To start working on your project (that starts with creating specification documents), a small payment (via Stripe / Paypal) from your side is necessary. The actual amount depends on if you specification documents, design files, or not. I will send you invoices by email.

QA / Security Testing

If you are interested in enhancing the delivery process with e.g. security testing or quality assurance steps from your in-house professionals, I am of course open to involving these steps final app delivery process.

Support Models

I offer only limited support after delivery (up to 1 week), to solve issues that could not be foreseen. Because I simply cannot guarantee my availability, I offer training for people responsible for support, as part of app delivery.

Not Offered Services

I am not considering any work in these areas: Marketing, Ads management, SEO services, backend-only development as I focus on cross-platform mobile development with React Native, serverless cloud, and mobile-centric solutions.

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