During my recent work with Storybook, I found small problems with SVG and react-native-svg package. So I thought I will share a few ideas that could save time for anybody else.

Installing packages

I needed to install

  • react-native-svg (12.0.3)
  • react-native-svg-transformer (0.14.3)

Then, I slightly modified metro.config.js:

VoilĂ , result

Now, we can render SVGs directly in stories or React Components:

  • Search.svg contains only XML metadata (as they were exported from Sketch)
  • ES6-import support for SVG files
  • Rendering SVGs it was React Component

This works for traditional on-Device Storybook UI. If you want to know more about how to create a static Storybook web app from React Native components also with SVG support, check this post:

Exporting React Native Storybook Components as Static Storybook Web App
In this article, I will focus on React Native and React (a bit) and explain how we can build a static web version of Storybook from React Native project.